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“I never know who’s doing what and it’s frustrating”

Charlotte R.


use cases

Role Clarity and Team Management
Effortlessly manage your team and clarify roles.
Our tool eliminates confusion about who is doing what, ensuring everyone understands their responsibilities and tasks.
Synchronized Project Ownership
Streamline project ownership and reduce confusion.
As projects multiply, our system keeps track of who owns what, preventing recurring issues of project ownership and responsibility.
Document Management & Accessibility
Simplify your document management and permissioning, removing critical bottlenecks
Never lose track of important files again. Get easy access to the latest versions of documents, regardless of where they are stored and enabling faster delivery for time-sensitive projects.


In an era where the workforce is rapidly evolving, traditional onboarding and offboarding methods fall short. Recognizing this, we created Robin – a conversational AI assistant designed to revolutionize the way we welcome new team members and facilitate respectful departures. Robin is tailored for today’s and tomorrow’s workforce, including Gen Z and beyond, who expect digital, efficient, and empathetic solutions in their professional journeys. It offers personalized, intuitive assistance for both onboarding and offboarding, remotely and onsite ensuring smooth transitions and continuous support.

  • Customized Onboarding and Offboarding: Providing tailored guidance and support.
  • Adaptive Learning: Evolving with each interaction to meet unique employee needs.
  • Ongoing Engagement: A consistent resource for all transition stages.
  • Future-Ready Technology: Advanced AI for a forward-thinking workforce.

Our goal with Robin is to foster an inclusive, respectful, and innovative workplace culture. We invite you to join us in this journey, shaping a future where every professional transition is seamless and human-centered.

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Philip Sebastian


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